Research Opportunities

My group currently pursues research into applications of machine learning in high-energy physics. Additionally, some of the members contribute to open source machine learning software development.

Research group news

Sitong An started in September 2018 as an INSIGHTS Marie-Curie CERN fellow to work on machine learning applications in high-energy physics together with me and Lorenzo Moneta, and will simultaneously pursue his doctoral studies at Carnegie Mellon University.


Current research group and activities:

Sitong An                                             CERN junior fellow                                                     Deep learning applications physics

Michael Andrews                               Doctoral student at Carnegie Mellon (M. Paulini)  End-to-end deep learning subgroup

Emanuele Usai                                   Postdoctoral researcher at Brown (M. Narain)      End-to-end deep learning subgroup

Bjorn Burkle                                       Doctoral student at Brown University (U. Heinz)    End-to-end deep learning subgroup

Anushree Rankawat                          Undergradutate at Ahmedabad University            GANs/ML SW Dev



Past members of the research group:

Engin Eren (masters)                        PhD from University of Hamburg 2018                    just graduated

Andrew Carnes (doctoral)                PhD from University of Florida 2018                        Data Science

Miles Wu (undergrad)                       PhD from University of Chicago 2017                      Data Science/Industry

Simon Pfreundshuh (masters)        PhD  student at Chalmers Tech                                 current

Sinan Kefeli (masters)                       Doctoral student at Caltech                                       current



Research opportunities

Student involvement in research is one of my research and education priorities. If you are student in physics, computer science or electrical computer engineering looking for research opportunities in machine learning and/or particle physics and are interested in my research activities please get it touch with me about potential projects.