Sergei V. Gleyzer, Ph. D.


Office Fermilab: WH11E

Office CERN: 32-R-C17

Office UA: Gallalee Hall

Telephone: 1 (781) 820-5650

Telephone: 41 (22) 767-4886

Email: sergei@cern.ch



University of Alabama

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

United States




Ph.D.                   Florida State University, High-Energy Physics, Thesis: “Search for the                              2011

                             Dark Matter Signature in Lepton Jet Final State at √s = 7 TeV”,

                             Graduate advisor: Vasken Hagopian

M.S.                     Florida State University, High-Energy Physics, advisor: Vasken Hagopian                       2006

B.S.                      Carnegie Mellon University, Physics                                                                                       2004




Assistant Professor          Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Alabama, USA              Aug. 2019

Senior Research Fellow   Department of Physics, University of Florida, USA                                              2015 – 2019

Research Fellow                Deutches Elektronen-Syncrotron (DESY), Germany                                             2012 – 2015

Research Assistant           Department of Physics, Florida State University, USA                                         2006 – 2011




Fermilab:                     LHC Physics Center Distinguished Researcher Fellowship                                     2019 – 2020

EU H2020:                   INSIGHTS Grant Award in Machine Learning                                                             2018 – 2021

Fermilab:                     LHC Physics Center Distinguished Researcher Fellowship                                    2018 – 2019

NASA:                           Grant Award for Machine Learning for Planetary Science                                     2017 – 2018

DESY:                            Research Fellowship                                                                                                       2011 – 2014

Florida State:              Hagopian Family Endowment Award in High Energy Physics                                2009



Convener of CMS Collaboration Machine Learning Forum                                                                            2017 – 2019

Coordinator of the LHC Machine-Learning Working Group                                                                          2016 – present

Founder, convener of Inter-Experimental Machine Learning Working Group                                          2016 – present

Organizer, Chair and Coordinator ICNFP 2019, LHCP 2019, SUSY 2019, CPAD 2018,                                 2016 – present

                                                             MLJETS 2018 QCHS 2018, CHEP 2018, ACAT2017





Global Innovation Forum: Transforming Intelligence                                                                                    Oct. 2019

invited keynote talk on “Science and Artificial Intelligence”, Yerevan, Armenia


Interpreting LHC Run 2 Data and Beyond Workshop                                                                                    June 2019

invited plenary talk on “Machine Learning at the Large Hadron Collider”, ICTP Trieste, Italy


Inter-experimental LHC Machine Learning Workshop                                                                                  Apr. 2019

invited keynote talk on “Machine Learning in High-Energy Physics: Today and Tomorrow”, CERN


University of Alabama Physics Department                                                                                                   March  2019

“Opportunities for New Physics with Modern Deep Learning in CMS”, colloquium, Tuscaloosa, USA


Fermilab Wine and Cheese Seminar                                                                                                                  Nov. 2018

“Deep Learning for the Future of High-Energy Physics”, Chicago, USA


World Vaccine and Immunization Congress West Coast 2018                                                                    Nov. 2018

invited plenary panelist on “Leveraging Power of AI & Machine Learning for

Accelerated Vaccine Development”, San Diego, USA


Heavy Particles and Flavor Physics (LISHEP2018)                                                                                           Sep. 2018

invited plenary, Salvador Bahia, Brazil


Machine Learning Conference in Science and Engineering                                                                         May 2018

“Machine Learning at the Large Hadron Collider”, invited plenary, Pittsburgh, USA


CEA-Saclay                                                                                                                                                               Nov. 2017

“Machine Learning in Particle Physics”, invited seminar, Paris, France


XVIII International Workshop on Advanced Computing and Analysis Techniques                                Aug. 2017

“Machine Learning Advancements in Particle Physics”, invited plenary, Seattle, USA


International Workshop on Big Data Tools for Physics and Astronomy                                                   June 2017

“Machine Learning at the LHC”, invited plenary, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Machine Learning Challenges in Complex Multiscale Physical Systems                                                   Jan. 2017

“Machine Learning in High-Energy Physics”, invited plenary, Munich, Germany







Editor and organizer HEP Community White Paper on Machine Learning                                                                2019

NSF Cyberinfrastructure for Sustained Scientific Innovation Review Panel Member                                                 2018

Reviewer Nuclear Instruments and Methods, Computing and Software for Big Science,                                     2017 – present

IEEE Letters of Computer Society

Founder of HSF Google Summer of Code Program (34 students in 2019)                                                                  2017 – 2018

CERN Knowledge Transfer (KT) Consultant on Machine Learning                                                                                 2016 – present

Scientific Editor of Machine Learning in Particle Physics Volume World Scientific                                                     2016 – present

Advisory Board Member of Machine Learning in HEP Summer School                                                                      2016 – present

Creator of Project CODER                                                                                                                                                      2016 – present

Co-founder of Open Data Working Group CERN High School Teacher Program                                                       2016 – present

CMS Data Quality Monitoring Supervisor (FNAL, DESY, CERN)                                                                                        2009 – 2010




3rd International Summer School of Deep Learning (DeepLearn2019), invited lectures                                       2019

INFN School of Statistics 2019, invited machine learning lectures                                                                               2019

Workshop on Statistics and Machine Learning, CERN, machine learning lectures                                                   2018

2nd International Summer School of Deep Learning (DeepLearn2018), invited lectures                                      2018

Workshop on Machine Learning, UNAM, invited lectures                                                                                             2018

International Summer School of Particle Physics, invited lectures                                                                             2017

European Scientific Institute, invited lectures and tutorials in machine learning                                                      2016 – 2017

National Academy of Science of Ukraine, invited lectures in machine learning                                                        2017

CERN Open Lab, invited lectures and tutorials in machine learning                                                                             2016 – 2018

CERN High School Teacher Program, Open Data Working Group, 5 training sessions                                             2016

CERN EPLANET Mini-Course, Brazil, invited lectures and tutorials in machine learning                                          2015

Data Science at LHC Workshop, 2 invited lectures and tutorials in machine learning                                           2015

DESY Statistics School, 3 lectures and tutorials in machine learning                                                                          2014

Southeastern CMS Physics Workshop, lecture and tutorial in machine learning                                                      2007

Carnegie Mellon University, Florida State University Physics/Astronomy Laboratory                                            2003 – 2005



Workshop on Outreach Training at CERN, organizer                                                                                                     2018

SCIFOO Camp, invited participant, GoogleX, Palo Alto, California                                                                                 2018

Fermilab UEC High-Energy Physics Community Trip to US Congress, Washington DC                                             2018

US LHC Users Association , High-Energy Physics Community Trip to US Congress, Washington DC                     2017

CODER High School Teacher Workshop, CMS Open Data Analysis with Jupyter, UF                                              2017

CODER High School Teacher Workshop, CMS Open Data Analysis with Jupyter, UF                                              2016

CODER High School Teacher Workshop, CMS Open Data Analysis with Jupyter, UCF                                           2016

Belmont Hill High School, Outreach Talk on the Large Hadron Collider and Higgs Boson                                      2014

FameLab Germany 2013, Outreach Talk on the Discovery of the Higgs Boson                                                         2013