I am honored to be chosen again as one of the 2019 Fermilab LHC Physics Center (LPC) Distinguished Researchers. I am working on applying latest machine learning techniques to detector development and advanced data analysis, with a focus on rare Higgs boson decays and High-Luminosity LHC Detector Upgrade. I was also a 2018 Fermilab LHC Physics Center (LPC) Distinguished Researcher, where I worked on machine learning for Higgs decays to fermions and trigger applications.

In 2017, I have been appointed the convener of the CMS Machine Learning Forum (2017-2019). I have additionally been selected to represent the United States in Pan-American Advanced Studies Institute (one of two such selections) and was also one of the US LHC Users Association lightning-round winners in 2016. I was DESY Research Fellow from 2012-2015.