I have developed and made significant contributions to the following open source software packages:

Falcon: Fast Non-Parametric Detector Simulator


Authors: Sergei Gleyzer, Ali Hariri, Harrison Prosper, Omar Zapata Mesa


Google Summer of Code Project(s):

Code: Falcon

DeepLense: Deep Learning Analysis and Simulation Framework for Strong Gravitational Lensing

Authors: Stephon Alexander, Sergei Gleyzer, Hanna Parul, Pranath Reddy, Michael Toomey, Emanuele Usai, Ryker von Klar


Google Summer of Code Project(s):


Code: Forthcoming Release


ROOT/TMVAThe Toolkit for Multivariate Data Analysis



The Toolkit for Multivariate Data Analysis provides a ROOT-integrated machine-learning environment for the processing and parallel evaluation of sophisticated machine learning classification and regression techniques.

Since 2015, I have led a significant upgrade and re-design of TMVA focused on robust gpu-capable deep learning libraries, modularity and parallelization.

Authors: Sergei Gleyzer, Lorenzo Moneta, Omar Zapata, Kim Albertsson et al.



Google Summer of Code Project(s):

Code: TMVA


Other Google Summer of Code Projects and Software Development:


CODER: CMS Open Data Analysis Environment



CODER is a collection of interactive Jupyter notebooks focused on introductory programming concepts and analysis of Open data for K-12 teachers and students.


Authors: Sergei Gleyzer, Omar Zapata


Code: Gallery



PARADIGM: Decision-making Framework for Variable Selection and Reduction in High Energy Physics


Primary Authors: Sergei Gleyzer




Code: partially integrated into TMVA since 2015